Yoga while traveling

One of the things I definitely like to do thing while traveling is to take local yoga classes. Some people might like to go to a local bar and feel what it’s like to live in that area.For me, I find yoga studios and take classes as much as possible. It helps my physical and mental conditions while traveling. I just really enjoy an experience to feel like a local, and to find a rhythm. And surprisingly, most of the places I’ve stayed have a yoga studio in walking distance!

Yoga has become so popular in the last 20 years. I didn’t see a yoga studio on every block in NYC when I first visited in 1998.Now it seems that’s the case.In Spain, I was really surprised at the yoga teaching quality, and the numbers of studios. In Barcelona, we stayed near Park Güell, and I found a tempting yoga studio like every 2 blocks. Although in Madrid, so many studios were closed for August. Still, I was able to find a really nice one near where we were staying. I was only expecting awesome wine and tapas, but I found great yoga classes and healthy foods too!

I don’t remember Bali being so popular for yoga 22 years ago when I first visited. Now it’s a popular vacation location for Yogis. I tried to count how many yoga studios I visited this year, and couldn’t remember… But I made a list of yoga studios that I do remember. You can find them below, under the Japanese translation if you’re interested!

I feel I am so lucky to be able to experience Yoga everywhere in the world. Also that’s why I can keep my yoga practice, because it’s convenient. Yes, I can practice by myself, but I am too lazy…When I feel I’m having 1 hour yoga practice, I check the time, and says it’s only been 15 min. So I go and take classes.

My life is super simple. I get bored quickly, but I love routines. I’ve been eating the same breakfast for the past 6 years! Also I would say I have an addictive tendency… Yoga and self Kinesiology healing is essential in my daily life. I bet yoga could replace Ballet if it’s not as convenient as yoga. And Kinesiology could replace meditation if it heals me better. Traveling makes me clear on what I really like, and what is important. I keep finding that the same things are necessary for me, no matter how much the environment changes. Overall, I am happy if I can use my body, and take time to talk myself. Also if I am able to create something to express my self and feel a deep connection with others.

旅の最中に私が必ずしている事は ローカルのヨガスタジオに通う事。その土地のバーとかに行って 地元の雰囲気を味わうって人もいると思うけど 私は地元のヨガに通うことによって その地に生活している雰囲気を味わうのが好き。もちろん 旅の途中の健康管理にもなってるけど スロートラベル、住んでるように旅するのが好きな私にとって 欠かせない楽しみになってる。そして 本当にどこに行ってもヨガスタジオがある。今まで泊まったところのほぼ全てに 徒歩圏内にヨガスタジオがあった。

20年前、初めてニューヨークに行った時は ここまでヨガが溢れかえってなかったと思うし、22年前かに バリ島に初めて行った時は バリがここまでヨガバケーションで有名だった覚えがない。スペインに初めて行って スペインがあそこまで健康志向で ヨガスタジオがたくさんあるなんて思ってもみなかった。美味しいワインとタパス、くらいしか考えてなかったから。 笑 

今年 どのくらいヨガスタジオに行ったんだろう?と数えてみようとしたけど 思い出せない。印象に残ってるところを 下にリストアップしたので もし興味があったら見てください:)

世界中のヨガスタジオに通えて その違いやら共通点を経験できて すごいラッキー!と思うし これだけ便利に通えるから ヨガ続けてられるってのもあるなぁって思う。ヨガは一人でも出来るけど なんせ私 一人でやると 1時間やった!と思って 時間チェックすると15分、って感じだから ヨガに通います。笑

私の生活ってすごいシンプルだなぁって思う。飽きっぽいくせに ルーティーンが大好き。同じ朝ごはんを6年食べ続けてるあたり それがよく現れてる気がする。っていうかハマりやすい??

ヨガとキネシオロジーのセルフヒーリングは 私の生活に欠かせないものとなってる。ただ ヨガは こんな風にどこでも出来るんだったらバレエとかダンスに置き換える事はできるだろうし、キネシは瞑想とかにも置き換えられるかも。ただし私にとって効果がキネシのように高ければ。旅をしてると さらに自分にとって大切なものがわかってきやすいと思う。どんなに環境が変わっても 自分が必要と思うことがあるから。私は身体動かして 心を見つめる時間があって クリエーション出来てたら 本当に最高だなぁって思う。あとはやっぱり人との深い繋がりを感じれることだな〜 


:The yoga barn Of course! I tried this one. It’s very popular but still great number of classes and good atmosphere. Teacher is hit or miss (for me)

:Intuitive flow It was walking distance from one of my stay. I liked the walk to get to this studio and the view from the windows.

: Matra Bali I think they changed their name since last March. It was behind my hotel in Canggu.

I went weekend yoga and ecstatic dance event in Canggu. It was awesome! but don’t remember the name!

Boulder, CO

:Amana yoga It was nice studio in walking distance, and not so crowded which I like. I went bulldog yoga near by for a class. It was not my style, but they were offering free class and give you free drinks? at a restaurant near there. Nice of them, and Kam likes it and it was different type of workout!

I took classes at one a yoga studio in Barcelona. People was nice, but I didn’t like the atmosphere.


: A YOGA I really liked this studio. It’s beautiful studio with big window. I could know the teachers are knowledgable from their adjustment and sequences even they speaks Spanish. I also liked they are them, not faking themselves to teach yoga. I like teacher use normal voice, and not acting.

New York

: ISHTA Yoga It’s home to me:) Amazing teachers!

: Bowery Yoga I actually never had their class yet! But I took bunch of the owner’s class at ISHTA, and she is awesome!


:Yoga Salt It was closest from my friend apt. I enjoyed LA vibe!

Portland OR

: Yoga Union High celling, beautiful studio!

: Sellwood Yoga Cozy, at home. I enjoyed the walk from our stay.